Transform (verb): to change in form, appearance, or structure, metamorphose – to convert one form of energy to another.

This is the story of my many transformations.

Butterfly Image

My surname, LaRosa, is Italian for “The Rose”. Like a rose, I am soft, feminine, strong – and can have sharp thorns to defend myself when needed. I am outgoing, spunky, sociable and a rebel.  My family and friends are my heart and soul.  Beaches, sunsets and the smell of ocean air calm me and make me happy.  I am a water baby!

I grew up in San Francisco, the only daughter surrounded by three brothers. My mother would take my younger brother and I up and down the coast of California on the weekends and during summer vacation. We explored tide pools, dug for clams and went crab fishing. It was always a special time and is the source of my love of the ocean.

Laura LaRosaMy mother exposed me to the arts, literature, music, nature, antiques and all things of beauty. I am so grateful to her as I’m still passionate about these things today. I am an avid reader, art collector, nature lover and music is a big part of my life, bringing me happiness always and solace when I need it.

Fresh out of home at 18 I started work as a surgical assistant for a well known oral surgeon in San Francisco. Then I was married and was a stay at home mom to my two babies. Seventeen years later came the big “D” – divorce. I was young, unprepared and devastated. It was during this time I became a cancer survivor and have been cancer free for 15 years.

My first taste of the beauty industry came when I went to work at Nordstrom as a Make-Up Artist. I worked for Laura Mercier and Chanel and loved it. I returned to the medical field to work for a fertility doctor at UCSF where I learned a lot professionally but faced personal challenges.

Several years later my friend offered me a job at her Skin Clinic “Intelligent Beauty” in San Francisco. She taught me how to be an Esthetician and that is when I really fell in love with the beauty industry. I went to school to get my license as an Esthetician and continued to work at the clinic until my mother became ill.

When my mother got cancer for the second time, I quit  my job so I could spend as much time with her as I could. I had five months with her, and she died in my arms. It was devastating but also a very spiritual experience for me. She was my best friend and I still think about her every day of my life.

Nine months later I cared for my brother as he recovered from open heart surgery, and I almost lost him twice during this time. It was a hugely challenging year for me and I will admit I was devastated and my faith was tested.  After my brother was fully recovered I took a year off to heal from the trauma and reflect on my life. I came out stronger than I have ever been before and my faith was restored.

I then met my husband and after a two year long distance relationship I moved to Sacramento to live with him.  This is where I got back into the Beauty Business and added Personal Coaching to my services. It gives me great satisfaction to have learned from the challenges and difficulties my life has served, and to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to other women, guiding them to their own best life.

I have been “coaching” women for a long time now as there is so much need for a change in most women’s lives. I have taken coaching courses but life experience is invaluable to a good Personal Coach. My life experience has been vast – tragedy and triumph, dark to light and constant change … the ebb and flow of life.  It is here that I excel and it gives me great satisfaction to have learned from the challenges and difficulties my life has served me, and to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to other women, guiding them to their own best life.

During the course of my life I have “transformed” many, many times. We all do if we are lucky – though it may not seem easy at the time.  Change is a forever constant process and I have learned how to embrace it instead of fighting it. We fight out of fear. I say “fear is your best friend”- if you allow it to push you outside of your comfort zone.  This is where true change begins … sometimes in the dark, all alone. This is where faith steps in, holds your hand in the dark and pulls you into the light. Embrace it!

“How does one become a butterfly she asked? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”  ~ Author Unknown.

So this butterfly welcomes you to my website, my blog, my passion, my life!

To Health, Happiness and Beauty