Cellulite 101

Dry brushing your skin stimulates the lymphatic system for a healthy glow. How? The bristles of the brush work beneath the skin to get blood flowing. Your lymphatic system starts pumping , improving circulation. All this activity helps to break down fat pockets beneath the skin and release natural oils to the surface. It detoxifies the skin and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. Who doesn’t want that?

How to do it: Using a handheld, stiff, natural bristle brush or mitt, stroke your skin using long, upward sweeping movements. Start at your feet, move up to your legs and then move on to your arms, chest, belly and your backside. Always move in the direction of your heart. You can spend a little extra time in spots that might need an extra boost but the whole process should not take more than one to two minutes. Brush daily before shower for best results!!!! ♥

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