Creating Your Own Best Life, Again!

As I was approaching the year 2015 I knew it was going to be a very special year. I celebrated my 60th birthday in February. And, not to my surprise, it was a hard birthday to celebrate….if I am completely honest with you and myself. I did what most people do when they reach a milestone birthday: feel your mortality and not be comfortable with it at all. Ask questions: Where did all the time go? Why am I not in the best shape of my life? Why am I not where I want to be in my career? Blah, blah, blah.

I thought about these things and the answer that came to me is that it’s normal to ask yourself these questions. And that my life is far from over and that I am grateful for every minute of it. It is all about mindset! If we “think” we are old we will be! We will age quicker and struggle with it. We will unconsciously bring about our own demise in some way. So, I pulled my big girl panties up, and made a conscious decision to do what I needed to do so I never have another WTF birthday moment!

As a result of my decision, my life became more enriched. I got married, expanded my business, and now I practice more self-care than I used to. I like to have my coffee outside, weather permitting, a simple tweak in my routine. Always a fan of self-development I increased my reading to one book a week, something I did as a young adult. I follow the principles of Feng Shui to keep my personal and workspace full of good energy. I have not been to the San Francisco Symphony in far too long so I just bought tickets. I need more estrogen, more girl time, so I am planning multiple visits out of town to see different friends. And I am getting ready to pick up a paintbrush again after at least 25 years! Oh my!!! Sometimes when you have a WTF moment it is good to go back in time and remember all the things you used to love as a child. And if they have become a stranger to you and still resonate in your heart then maybe it’s time to “start” bringing them back into your life!

Sometimes our life gets in the way of our joy. We grow up and can lose our sense of childlike wonder and let the things we love to do slide. Jobs, family, divorce, taking care of others, can all interfere with our “joystick” as I like to call it. And I can tell you from experience that we owe it to ourselves to not lose that part of ourselves. To do so is to dishonor yourself and that is never a healthy thing to do!

So, adjust your joystick as need be! Bring joy back to your life and let no one rob you of that. Be happy!




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