Power Tip for the Holidays!

This is the time of year that can be crazy for people because of the holidays and the added stress they bring. I start what I call my “de-stressing mode” at the beginning of December. It consists of really looking inward and taking care of myself first and foremost. Sound selfish? Maybe it is and maybe that is all right! If I am running around in circles, chasing my tail, I am no good to anyone. It has taken me a long time to learn this but once you “get it” you take the steps you need to make it happen.

The first thing I do is get organized and then prioritize. It makes life so much easier. I plan out my work schedule, my exercise schedule, my food plan, and my “me” time which is essential to staying sane! My ‘me” time includes exercise, reading for pleasure and reading for personal development, listening to my music, connecting with friends, a good hot detox soak in the tub, and meditation.

I eat well, take my vitamins and get the rest I need so I am in tip-top shape for the Christmas marathon!!!

When I do all this it gives me the extra energy I need to do my Christmas shopping, enjoy holiday parties and plan for my Christmas which changes every year. This year I am spending Christmas with my better half, my son and his girlfriend, oceanside in a rented house. We are going to put up a tree and this year I am in the mood to decorate like crazy because in spite of an extremely challenging year I am so grateful for everything! And that really is the key to having a good holiday. Practicing “Gratefulness” is at the core of a happy holiday and a happy life!

Cheers to you!


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