The “D” Factor: Vitamin or Hormone?

Vitamin D: Did you know it is a hormone?

Getting insufficient vitamin D can weaken your muscles from a condition called myopathy. And if you consistently imbibe too many alcoholic drinks, you may significantly worsen the problem.

“Myopathy simply means ‘muscle disease,’” says Jan W. Wijnia, a researcher at Slingedael Korsakoff Center in the Netherlands. “Muscle weakness is by far the most frequent symptom of alcoholic myopathy, causing difficulties in rising from a chair or in climbing a staircase. In alcoholic myopathy, improvement of muscle weakness usually occurs six to nine months following alcohol abstinence.

Insufficient Vitamin D can also affect your breast health as it is a hormone, D3 to be exact. Most breast surgeons like your number to be up at about 60, twice the number of those not at high risk. Doctors are starting to routinely test for it because woman are coming up with deficiencies. And even if you spend time in the sun it can still not be enough.

Vitamin D also boosts the immune system. If you are sick a lot ask your doctor for a lab test to see what your number is. If you have any kind of chronic illness you should aim for a number over the “within range” which would be over 35.

Vitamin D also protects your bones….again get tested! It is a vital hormone for our overall health!

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